At MAD Productions, we try to cater every client’s need. We provide the following expertise and services:

Event Planning

With MAD Productions’ event planning, we can design to every detail, a complete service for your desired event that can be implemented and put into practice by your own team of entertainers. If one would like MAD Productions to provide the service of event planning, that it can also be organized and provided for by our own performing team who are experienced and are of a high standard. We are also open to your own preferences in terms of what material should be incorporated in the performances or services.

Events in which we are prepared to plan for:

  • Exhibitions
  • Weddings
  • Anniversary Dinners
  • Weddings

Weddings are often difficult to organize and to satisfy all guests. At MAD Productions, we are confident and have the drive to overcome these obstacles. We have a talented Wedding Planning team and we believe that their expertise in event planning for weddings will satisfy all your guests.

What makes us special?
We have the technical ability, experience and resources to provide a one-stop event planning services. All of our services can be provided and supplied by MAD Productions or our partners. From event planning to audio and lighting equipment to backdrop and projection to photography and video services, we have the manpower and equipment to cater your needs. Everything is done in house to ensure the quality of the service and most economical.

Services we provide:

  • Venue Planning
  • Event Planning
  • Audio
  • Lighting
  • Photographer
  • Videographer and editing
  • Video Recording
  • Sound Recording
  • Projection
  • Stage
  • Backdrop
  • Talents (include MCs, Singers, Musicians, Live Band, Models)

Previous event planning references include:

  • GSIS Mothers Committee Charity Dinner (2008, 2009)
  • Weddings
  • Annual Dinners
  • Birthday Parties

Technical Support

At MAD Productions, we have top of the line equipment and we are more than happy to provide our customers with technical support. We can design the stage for your event to all your preferences and requirements. From this stage, we can then move to the implementation stage and from here move on to the positioning and stationing. We are here to solve all your technical difficulties.

Our experiences with technical support in Theatre or Events allow us to tailor-design your project. We have award-winning sound designers that would take care of your audio needs.

We provide these following services:

  • Audio
  • Lighting
  • Photographer
  • Videographer and editing
  • Video Recording
  • Sound Recording
  • Projection
  • Stage
  • Backdrop

Previous techincal support references include:

  • Department of Correction Annual Dinner (2007)
  • St. Louis School 80’s Anniversary Dinner
  • Victoria Kindergarten Annual Dinner
  • Cathay Pacific Annual Dinner
  • MTR Annual Dinner
  • Ocean Park Halloween Bash 海洋公園十月全城哈囉喂
  • E.F.C.C.-Kong Fok Church 中國基督教播道會港福堂慈善晚宴
  • Hong Kong Philharmonic and Friends Fundraising Concert
  • Hong Kong Jockey Club Green Action
  • GODIVA Parfait Collection Launch Dinner

Previous theatre production companies include:

  • Hong Kong Arts Festival 香港藝術節
  • Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation Limited (HKYAF) 香港青年藝術協會
  • Hong Kong Youth Federation Groups 香港青年協會
  • Hong Kong Repertory Theatre (HKREP) 香港話劇團
  • Chung Ying Theatre Company 中英劇團
  • Drama Gallery 劇場工作室
  • Theatre Noir
  • Actors’ Family 演戲家族
  • “Sammy Leung and Kitty Yuen Music Group” Theatre Productions 森美小儀歌劇團
  • W.
  • ABA Productions
  • Kids’ Gallery Hong Kong Ltd
  • Hong Kong Children Musical Theatre 香港兒童音樂劇團

Music Equipment Rental

MAD Productions possesses top of the line lighting equipment and sound systems. We are prepared to rent out our music equipment for you to use and enjoy. We can set up everything for you and we will also provide you with instructions in terms of how to use the equipment. We also have in house operators to serve your needs. To choose a right house for music equipment rental, Mad Production is your absolutely best choice.

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