At MAD Music, we majorly provide two types of services:

Music Production

We specialize in composing, lyrics writing, arranging and producing original music for singers, theatre productions and commercials. Our team consists of award-winning composers and arranger. Our portfolio includes the composition of "The Symphony of Lights 幻彩詠香江,” which has been awarded the largest permanent light and sound show by Guinness World Records.

Our Music Prodcution portfolio include:

  • "Sammy Leung and Kitty Yuen Music Group" Theatre Productions 森美小儀歌劇團 – Big nose, Lokamochomamiba, 小孖俠, Prison de ballet
  • Cass Phang Ling and Sinjie Lee 彭羚, 李心潔 – 但願人長久
  • Eason Chan 陳奕迅 – 大煞風景
  • Joey Yung 容祖兒 – 獨照
  • Joey Yung and Eason Chan 容祖兒/陳奕迅 – 動作派
  • Wang Chieh 王傑 – 愛無言
  • Jade Kwan 關心妍 – 泡沫
  • Ronald Cheng Chung Kei 鄭中基 – 時間人物地點
  • Julian Cheung Chi Lam 張智霖 – 十指緊扣
  • "Glamorous Youth" Movie Soundtrack <明媚時光> 電影配樂
  • Victoria Harbor Light and Sound Show "The Symphony of Lights"
    維港大型燈光匯演 <幻彩詠香江>

Music Recording

At MAD Music, we can provide musicians with a truly professional music recording experience with top of the line equipment and a team that is experienced in music recording, mixing, editing and mastering. We aim to provide individuals with a comfortable music recording atmosphere. Not only do we think that comfort is important, we believe that comfort is crucial in a music recording studio. We believe that only when one is in an atmosphere with no distractions is one able to submerge oneself in their music.

Services include: Vocal (Singing), Voice Over, Music Instrument Recordings, CD Demo Recordings, CD Tracks Recordings, Mixing, and Mastering. In addition, we can also source VO talents, musicians for our clients if necessary.

Previous Clients:

  • Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority 香港考試及評核局
  • Open University of Hong Kong 香港公開大學
  • Commercial Radio 商業電台
  • Amway Hong Kong 安利香港
  • The Hong Kong Tourism Board 香港旅遊發展局
  • Ocean Park Hong Kong 香港海洋公園
  • Eason Chan 陳奕迅
  • Sammy Leung 森美
  • Kitty Yuen 小儀
  • Stephanie Cheng 鄭融
  • 2R
  • Stephen Gan 顏福偉
  • Hoe Hin Pak Fah Yeow Manufactory Limited 和興白花油藥廠有限公司

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